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Hi there! I am an artist from a suburb of the Detroit area, Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA, a little town with a big city feel (we have a few skyscrapers) twenty-some miles north of Detroit. I am currently returning to the easel, and I plan to show my work here WordPress. Discussion and criticism is welcome and encouraged! Please feel free to leave me a comment, message or a shout-out!! I look forward to communicating with all you fine folks. So, Gort; Klatoo, Barrada, Nickto !!! Parker

Guitar Picks made from Recycled Vintage Phono Records !!!

Guitar Picks made of 100% Recycled Vintage Vinyl Phonograph Records !!

Free Shipping in USA !!

Hand Made; Created from antique vintage vinyl records!
Equivalent to a standard vinyl, celluloid, plastic or nylon pick.
Smooth edges, comfortable to hold!
Easier to grip than standard picks due to the record grooves!
Picks thickness varies between approximately 0.90 to 1.65 mm.
Dimensions are approximately 1-¼” inch from base to tip and 1’ inch wide.
Comes with resealable cloth satchel.

Make beautiful music, with recycled guitar picks, WITH MUSIC ON THEM !!

A 100% Recycled, GROOVY Product !!!

Buy here:



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